Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most frequently-asked questions. If you have a question about our products that isn't addressed here, please feel free to 'Contact Us'!


200FT Viz Defog

  1. How do I apply 200FT Viz Defog to my mask?

200FT Viz defog can be applied to a wet or dry mask.  Place a pin head drop of 200FT Viz on your finger, or directly onto each lens.  Do not overapply!  Rub into the lens covering the entire lens.  Dip in water once or twice to clear the haze.

  1. What do I do if I over apply 200FT Viz Defog?

Simply dip and rub the lens repeatedly until the heavy film of 200FT Viz is removed.  Remember, only a very thin film of 200FT Viz is required to ensure a crystal-clear mask.

  1. How often do I need to apply 200FT Viz Defog?

200FT Viz Defog will last 2-3 dives depending on conditions.  We recommend that you re-apply 200FT Viz Defog before each dive to ensure a fog free mask.

  1. Is 200FT Viz safe to use in swim goggles?

Yes.  We have tested 200FT Viz Defog in swim goggles.  Be sure to only use enough to cover each lens.  Do not over apply.

  1. Will 200FT Viz Defog sting my eyes?

If you apply 200FT Viz Defog according to the instructions it will not sting your eyes.  200FT Viz’s unique formula allows for the product to stay on the lens and not run into your eyes. 

  1. Can I dive with my bottle of 200FT Viz in my BC pocket?

Yes.  We have tested the 200FT Viz bottle in up to 80 ft of water.  


200FT Viz Odor Eliminator and Equipment Wash

  1. I see that 200FT Viz Odor Eliminator and Equipment Wash are environmentally friendly.  Does this mean I can use these products in the ocean?

No.  200FT Viz products are made in environmentally friendly ways that use plant-based materials.  This does not mean that it is safe for sea life.  Parrotfish Innovations recommends that no cleaning or deodorizing products be used in the ocean even if they claim the products are biodegradable.    

  1. Can I mix 200FT Viz Odor Eliminator and 200FT Viz Equipment Wash?

Yes, these products are designed to be used individually, or mixed together.  Just follow the instructions on the bottle.

  1. Will 200FT Viz Odor Eliminator or Equipment Wash hurt my gear?

Based on testing conducted, 200FT Viz Odor Eliminator and Equipment Wash products are safe for all gear, even the inside of your BC.  Parrotfish Innovations recommends that regulators be rinsed thoroughly.  

  1. Do I need to rinse my gear after using 200FT Viz Odor Eliminator?

No.  Add 200FT Viz Odor Eliminator to water as per the instructions, or spray directly onto your gear.  Let soak, then hang to dry.  Only regulators should be rinsed thoroughly with fresh water.


Parrotfish Innovations Bootie Call

  1. Can I rejuvenate Bootie Call in the oven?

No!  Do not place Bootie Call in the oven.  To rejuvenate Bootie Call, place in the sun for 1-2 hours.  It is the UV rays in the sunlight that rejuvenate Bootie Call, not the heat.

  1. How long will Bootie Call last?

Bootie Call is designed to be used for up to two years.  Bootie call can be rejuvenated several times by placing in the sun for 1-2 hours.  Once Bootie Call stops eliminating odors discard and replace.

  1. When should I place Bootie call in my Booties?

We recommend that you wash your booties after a dive trip, spray the inside of your booties with 200FT Viz Odor Eliminator, and let dry.  Please Bootie Call into each bootie and store booties with Bootie Call inserted until your next dive. 



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