About Us

At Parrotfish Innovations, LLC we are passionate about scuba diving and about providing quality products to the scuba diving community. 


We, Mike and Vicky, have been diving for over 13 years and have been all over the world.  Some of our favorite places are Palau, Raja Ampat, The Philippines, Dominica, and Little Cayman.  We have been using 200ftViz Defog since the day Mike got certified in 2003.  We have always thought that this was the best defog product available.  When our last bottle ran dry in 2016 we were horrified to discover that it was no longer available at our local dive shop.  We searched Amazon and numerous scuba sites and were not able to find it.  One day we visited a scuba shop about an hour from where we live to buy a specific wet suit Mike had been looking for.  To our surprise, there on the shelf was 200ftViz Defog!  We were so excited we bought two bottles.  When we asked the shop owner where she got the 200ftViz, she replied “It’s my product, I make it”.  We went on to discuss the unfortunate circumstances as to why it was no longer available on the market.  We then asked “Would you be willing to sell the rights to 200ftViz?” After some discussion and commercial details, we became the new owners of the 200ftViz name and the product formulation. 


We are very excited to be able to supply 200ftViz to the market.  We have spoken to so many people in the dive community that state how much they love the product.


We are proud to say that we have 200ftViz Mask Defog for sale along with several equipment wash and deodorizer products.  Our business continues to grow. We are now selling 200ftViz products throughout the United States and in several other countries. Please send us an e-mail if you would like for your local dive shop to stock 200ftViz.  We’ll try to make that happen.


Happy diving, and stay safe,

Mike and Vicky